The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken a significant toll all across the world. Many countries have undergone restrictive measures like implementing quarantine, lockdown and stay at home orders, to restrain the pandemic at a local level. 

Regardless of what industry your business is in, COVID-19, has undoubtedly affected you and your consumers. It leaves people all over the world in self-isolation and impacting many businesses. A lot of work culture will be temporarily changed as some businesses continue to implement work from home policies. These changes can be difficult, right?

But don’t lose hope! The best thing we can is to move forward. Knowing when and what to communicate with your clients is really crucial during this time. It’s important for them to know they have your support by delivering straightforward, concise, and accurate messages.

Here are some ideas on how you can still reach out to your customers during these trying times.


postcards printing

Personalised touches are really important to customers. This is the best time to send postcards and get in touch with your clients. Add a personal touch with your customer’s name and let them know that you are remembering them during this pandemic.


You can also send deskpad and notepads to your clients. Be extra creative and add words of affirmations to each page. This can give them positive thoughts during crisis.

Compliment Slips

Another best way to show that you care about your customers is by sending them compliment slips. This is your opportunity to show that genuine connection between you and your client by adding a handwritten note. Say a simple ‘hello’ ‘thank you’ or ‘speak to you soon’? 

Take the time to write individual messages. It helps clients feel appreciated and can build trust and loyalty down the line.

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