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What Is the Purpose of Flyers?

Flyers are effective marketing tools. Their very purpose is to convince the prospective customer to initiate a specific, desirable action. The idea is to make your target customer realize that they have a problem, they need to act and that you are the solution.

Why Are Flyers Good for Advertising?

Print Marketing is the oldest form of traditional marketing. This strategy has been used since the ancient times, when Egyptians created sales messages and wall posters on papyrus.

Flyers may not necessarily be considered a “modern” marketing strategy. With all the frenzy surrounding online marketing, it would stop us on our tracks to think that paper approaches are outdated and unproductive.

But let us not be quick to throw the towel on flyers with the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Flyer printing stipulates a great opportunity to advertise with since:

  • Businesses operating on a purely local level will likely have great success leafleting the area.
  • Advertising flyers to homeowners is also still among the best strategies for promoting offline.
  • Potential customers who are not ready for a tête-à-tête can check out the flyers anytime, anywhere, not only once but a couple of times.


Benefits of Flyer Printing


  • Cost Efficient
    Still one of the cheapest options when doing traditional marketing
  • Fast and Convenient
    Easily prepared, printed and has multiple distribution channels.
  • Straightforward
    A well-designed flyer that clearly conveys product or service value directly to the intended prospective costumer.
  • Targeted Marketing
    The use of flyers is effective for promoting geographical, seasonal or demographically dependent product or service.

Are Flyers Effective?

Flyers are effective marketing tools – if done right.

However, you must consider the placement of the flyers.  In some occasions, even the best designed flyer becomes useless and ineffective in getting a response, if sent to a disinterested and cold traffic.

There is a need to devise strategic placement and distribution channels with ward traffic for your custom flyer printing.

Types of Marketing Flyers

1. Tri-Fold Brochures 

This is a perfect flyer for both service and product providers. It’s an intricately designed paper with information on what the business is all about alongside product or service packages or bundles. Opt for this marketing flyer if there is too much information you would like to share to your target audience.

2. Leaflets

The official promotional tool preferred by businesses eyeing mass local distribution, offers printed media in a single sheet of paper. Most businesses opt for leaflets because of affordability and lightweight feature. This is notably the cheapest form of traditional advertisement.

3. Door Flyers

This is again a proven cost-effective use of print marketing. The idea is to double the presence or promotion of products and services into individual homes and office or business spaces. Some business professionals opt for this flyer because of its practical and no-contact placement and distribution, putting them closer to their target market.

All our flyers can be found on the flyer page. Got any questions? 

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