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Despite the promising nature of digital marketing, some business still goes for the traditional brochure. Traditional advertising may be a foreign to millennial but it is still more effective than any other online marketing strategy to date, specially in reaching out to potential customers who are accustomed to receiving offers by traditional delivery or distribution.

Why Brochure Printing?

Brochures are a great platform to get your message across the customers. Whether you are looking to advertise you, your idea or your business, a brochure does it all. It can be used for advertising, direct mail marketing, letterbox drops, and more. A brochure can be 4, 8, 10 or 12 pages, can be tri-fold or bi-fold, black and white or color. Brochure printing is available in paper sizes DL, A5, A4, A3 or A2. Brochure Printing

Benefits of Brochure Printing:

  • Ability to reach a wider and more diverse group of clients
  • A detailed service listing for any business to use.
  • Offers a Direct Approach to consumers.


Are brochures effective?

Yes they are. This traditional medium is one of the most effective and versatile marketing format ever created. It is an informative tool that provides extensive data about products and services. Brochures are attractive because they are:

  • Easy to produce
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to distribute

The intended use of any marketing brochure is to:

  • Introduce products and services
  • Provide information about existing products and services
  • Relay company vision and mission statements, goals and directives.

Brochure printing is proven to extend to a wider reach of potential customers for any business. Brochures

What effective brochures contain?

A brochure to be effective should be able to hold information despite its size. Most marketers prefer brochures because they are handy and easier to carry around than business booklets.

How to make you brochures stand out?

Use Engaging Graphics:

Use your company logo or create a visual story to capture attention and engage a reader.

Use Visual Content for Data:

You only have a limited space to store data, use it wisely. You also only have a few seconds to engage your reader. Charts and graphs can summarise company sales figures or progress and it will be easier for readers to decipher. You can also use Color Brochures to make it more eye appealing to the readers.

Feature coupons or promotions:

Never waste a space. You can use your brochures to offer coupons or current promotions by your company.


When to use brochures?

Brochures Printing

  1. Media Kits Brochures work very well with media kits.  They are often used to deliver or relay company details. Media kits are provided for news media organizations and publications, especially during press coverage. They work well to provide adequate information about any company, service or product.
  2. Trade Show Brochures Ever been to a trade show?  Most trifold content you will find in tradeshows are company or product brochures intended for distribution to attendees.
  3. Direct Mail Brochures Brochures contain more information compared to your average postcard or direct mail coupon.  Most financial institutions use brochure consumers into opting for new credit cards or getting a new loan.
  4. Non- profit Brochures Non-profit organisation invest in brochure printing because of its flexibility in containing information. IT can be use to detail why NPO was created or it can be used to provide stories about the NPO’s projects, either way brochure printing has been successful in delivering information to benefactors.

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