Booklet Printing

Looking for the most effective method of marketing your business? Feeling overwhelmed with too many digital marketing strategies to fiddle with? Considering traditional advertising? Booklets may just be your key play in this lost world of fast marketing advantage.

Using Booklet and its Purpose

Booklet Printing or Custom Booklet Printing is a great marketing tool but its not for every business. Some companies utilise booklet production to showcase the products or services they provide. Potential consumers can browse through the booklet and get enticed by real images of the products available for purchase. A booklet is effective at capturing the attention and engaging consumers, forcing them to make a desired action. Heres Why you should Incorporate Booklets to your Marketing Strategy this Year.

What are the Benefits of Booklet Printing?

  • The capacity to hold information to a large extent. Let’s take Asus Product Guide. They often times come in 1-50 pages of information.  Each page is rich in product information, updates and continuing education that the company takes in round the clock.A booklet provides enough space to offer information to your potential client.  It may be expensive but it is one effective marketing tool that delivers all-in-one company information, inclusive of product information and updates, continuing research and development agenda, locations, contact details and promotional offers where possible.
  • They are multipurpose, they can be utilised for long term promotional campaigns, company project-based presentations or a simple get to know us material for when attending Expos or conferences.
  • They are affordable in the long term. Instead of going over flyers or planning a social media strategy that breaks down products and service offerings, you can use booklets to confine all pertinent information about your company offerings. They come in handy especially if you don’t have that much access to digital media or if your local still heavily relies on traditional marketing.


Where to Use Booklet Printing?

  • Story Books: Today’s digital age and highly visual generation, storybooks have become portable and super thin for children to carry around.

  • Blads: Your book excerpts. Publishing houses use this to give a taste of the book being promoted.

  • Instructional Manuals: This can vary from extensive machine guide to a simple home device set up.

  • Recipe Book: Offer a compilation of mouthwatering recipes for home cooking with your latest product innovation.

  • Brochures/ Catalogues: This is your Avon lady’s best friend.

  • Product Inserts: These are the small packets of product information, or warranty in your consumer boxes.

  • Annual Reports: For the big companies undertaking research and development in various industries.

Online Booklet Printing


  • Gloss, Matt or Bond stock
  • Various weights ranging from 80-170gsm

Finished Size

  • DL, A6, A5, A4 and custom sizes

Colour Options

  • Printed from one to full colour
  • Pantone or metallic ink
  • Gloss or satin Machine varnish available

Binding Options

  • Saddlestitch - Stapled at the spine
  • Perfect Bound with a flat edged spine

Special Effect Printing

  • Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Spot UV

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