Are you using fridge magnets to market your products or services? Promotional magnets are affordable and effective marketing tools. They are really of good value as it keeps your name and a promotional message displayed in front for a long, long time. 

Checkout the 5 reasons why fridge magnets make the perfect marketing tool!


Custom magnets are really budget friendly especially if you’ll buy them in bulk. It is one of the lowest priced handouts. It is way cheaper than most of the other conventional advertising or marketing methods like print and media advertisements.

Visually appealing

Fridge magnets are visually appealing, It will surely capture the attention of your target customers if your design was customised with interesting artwork, taglines or quotes. Our team from Print Us Professionals can assist you for your design and printing needs.

Easy to distribute

Fridge Magnets come in handy. They are easy to hand over to people. They surely fit on mailing envelopes, bags or totes as they are lightweight. In fact, magnets make interesting talking topics among the guests at home of the recipients.

Let your brand stand out

It is said that on average, people open their fridge doors for snacks 20 times a day. Can you imagine the exposure your brand will get in using these fridge magnets as your marketing tool?


Fridge magnets are still one of the most interesting souvenirs that people would love to have. It is a great way to promote events, send your message across to your target audience and celebrate milestones.

Maximize your brand’s exposure with our custom-designed fridge magnets.

Promotional fridge magnets can help promote your business or organisation in many ways. Give us a call at 1800 706 245 or send an email to sales@printusprofessionals.com.au if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about fridge magnets and other printing needs.

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